Udaipur Darshan (Sightseeing) Rs.300/-* *Minimum Group 4 Person Required

Dwarikadheesh Temple:

Shree Dwarkadhishji's history is very colourful. It goes right into geology, a major division of time that is a subdivision of an aeon and is itself subdivided into periods. It is this period, the epoch (adikal) when Dwarkadhishji's form summoned Shree Brahmaji and asked him to do meditation (taap) to create Universe. In return after creation of Universe, the reward was the appearance of Krishna's form as Dwarkadhishji and Brahmaji did the first seva (worship) of this form.

After Brahmaji, Sage Kandarpa (Kandarpa Rushi) whose hermitage (Ashram) was at Bindu Sarowar (Lake Bindu), did seva of this divine form (swaroop). Long association of seva then was departed from Rushi, to Bhagwan Kapildevji and his followers. One day, this swaroop approached Bhagwan Kapildevji and asked him to immerse His form (swaroop) into Bindu Sarowar where this divine form stayed till the swaroop was discovered by Dev Sharma Brahmin. He started worshiping the Swaroop and Shree Dwarkadhishji stayed in the family for generation to come.

Again when this divine Swaroop, with His own accord, decided to move on, appeared in Amberish Raja's dream. At that time Raja was at Abu Parvat (Mount Abu). Amberish Raja then brought the swaroop into his palace and worshiped with Rajvaibhav (in luxury). After Amberish Raja, Vishistha Muni did seva and then Shree Ramchandraji's mother Kausailyaji worshiped Dwarkadhishji in Ayodhiya. After Kausailyaji, there was a gap in history. There is no evidence how this swaroop came to Vishistha hermitage (Ashram). It was in this ashram the swaroop was also worshiped by Pandava when they were in exile. After this record, we again see a gap in the history of this swaroop, but, the next evidence highlights the fact that in Kaliyug era a Tailor (darji) had a dream and in his dream Shree Dwarkadhishji appeared and asked darji to bring Him into his abode and do seva.

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