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Juna Mahal:

The seven history palace, Juna Mahal was built in stages between 13th and 18th centuries. It is filled with many old frescoes and paintings. The Aam Khas, or main living room, has impressive mirror work and glass inlays. The former royal hunting lodge, on a nearby hilltop, has sensational views over the town and its many temples.

The magnificent apartments of 13th century seven storied fortress Juna Mahal (Old Palace) are breathtaking. Not much to look at from the outside, but inside, it houses one of the world’s most interesting, colourful ‘art galleries’. These are considered to be of the very best artworks in Rajasthan. Situated on a hill-top overlooking old Dungarpur the palace belongs to Maharawal of Dungarpur.
This Mahal (palace) was built over centuries. Each level is a Mahal. Walls, ceilings, and columns are covered with stunning frescoes, murals, and miniature paintings. Mirrors and tiles are artfully placed; blue and white English porcelain plates received as gift from the British are stuccoed in the walls. See playful Krishna’s Raas dance in typical Nathdwara style, scenes from Mahabharata the great Hindu epic on the ceiling, Vishnu’s cosmic form in the Am-Khas, the magnificent Gangaur Festival Darbar scene painted by Kanhaiyalal between 1939 - 1947, Bhils of Dungarpur being defeated by the Rajputs, the Sheel Mahal (mirrored room) with it mirror and glass mosaics, the breathtaking Maharani’s room where every column is encrusted in miniature coloured-glass paintings and walls covered with murals; portrait of Queen Victoria, a large decorated crest of the Prince of Wales, and the famous collection of more then 50 miniature paintings depicting scenes from the Kama Sutra, modestly hidden behind cupboard doors in the Maharaja's suite on the top floor.
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