Udaipur Darshan (Sightseeing) Rs.300/-* *Minimum Group 4 Person Required

Lake Rajsamand:

The city of Udaipur that is popularly known as the 'city of the lakes' is a land that plunges in natural beauty. Dotted by a number of beautiful lakes, lush hills of the Aravallis, the city of Udaipur is a fabulous land that overwhelms one. The natural beauty that has been the inspiration of the poets, painters, and writers from times immemorial perfectly blends natural beauty with a tinge of modernity in it. Of the innumerable spots that you can choose for Excursions around Udaipur, the Rajsamand Lake is one of the best options that most of the tourists love to visit.
If you are heading towards Kumbhalgarh you can come across the most spectacular site of Rajsamand Lake near Udaipur. The royal lake that has a magnificent dam on it was built on the 17th century by Rana Raj Singh. If you are visiting Kankroli, then experience the spectacular sights of the Rajsamand Lake from the Dwarkadish Temple. As the dazzling light of the burning sun slowly glitters on the waters of the Rajsamand Lake it is bound to spark awe within you. At sunset enjoy the beauty of the nature as the orange hue of the fading sun tinges the entire sky. It is a sight that you would love to see times and again. Enjoy the beautiful Torans, the arch- structures, and the Chhatris that throw light on the artistic sense of the lost artists. See the beauty of the numerous pavilions that some of the most artistic cravings.
Located 66 kilometers from Udaipur, the 4 miles long and 1.75 miles wide Rajsamand Lake in Rajasthan receives its water from the River Gomti. There are nine pavilions, the 'Nauchowki' that were built by the Raj Singh on the steep embankment. The 27 stone slabs commonly known as the 'Raj Prasasti' bears an engraving of 1017 stanzas stating the history of Mewar. It is one of the longest engravings known in India. Enjoy the beauty of the pristine Rajsamand Lake.

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