Udaipur Darshan (Sightseeing) Rs.300/-* *Minimum Group 4 Person Required

Mahi Sagar Dam :

Home to the tribal with Bhils constituting half of the total population, Banswara has its name derived from `Bans' or bamboo trees, which once grew here in abundance.
The erstwhile state was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. Bounded by Udaipur and Chittaurgarh, the district presently comprises of the territories of former Banswara State  and the Chieftainship of Kushalgarh. While the central and western portion of the district are fertile plains, the scattered  ranges of the Aravallis form the eastern Region.
The ancient town is surrounded by a stone wall, now in ruins. A palace of former rulers of Banswara stands overlooking the town.

The teak forests are found on the slopes of the Aravalli hills. Mango, Khajur and Mahua trees are also a part of the vegetarian of the district. Banswara has a rich wildlife variety including squirrels, lizards, snakes, chinkara, ronj and four horned antelope. Panthers can be seen rarely. The avian variety includes the black drongo, gray shirke, green bee-eater, parrot, jungle crow, wood pecker and common myna. Grey jungle fowl, red spir fowl and gray partridge are generally spotted in the remote parts of the forest.

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