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Lake Jaisamand (Wild Life Century):

Also known as Dhebar , is located 52km south east of Udaipur and was built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1685.It is one of the largest lakes in Asia covering an area of 36sqkm.
On the banks of lake are elegant marble steps descending to the water and a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The forests around Jaisamand, which once were the hunting grounds of maharanas of Mewar, have now been converted into a game sanctuary.

The Jaisamand Sanctuary built in 1957 covering an area of 62sqkm welcomes a wide variety of resident and migratory birds and animals.

Jaisamand Lake -Second Biggest Artificial Lake :- Jaisamand Lake is also known as Dhebar.The lake, built by Maharana Jai Singh in 1685, is the second biggest artificial lake of the world covering an area of 36sq km. The lake remained the largest artificial lake in the world till the building of the Aswan dam in Egypt. The statistics of the lake is really amazing – 9 miles in breadth, 102 feet deep at its deepest end, a circumference of 30 miles with marble staircases leading into the water. The summer palaces of the Queens of Udaipur surround Jaisamand Lake on all sides.

Island Attractions :-There are seven islands on this lake and the tribe of Bhil Minas (see People of Rajasthan) inhabits all. Two bigger islands are known as Babaka Bhagra and a smaller is called Piari. There is a bund on the lake, which has to be mentioned due to its sheer size – 1202 feet long, 116 feet high and 70 feet broad at the base.

Shiva Temple:- On the dam are six exotic cenotaphs and a Shiva temple in the centre. The northern end of the lake has a palace with a courtyard while its southern end has a pavilion of 12 pillars. The hills to its south have grand palaces that have an excellent view of the lake. Tourists can even enjoy the beauty of the lake by motor boats or simply play with its water by diving and swimming.

Jaisamand Sanctuary
Distance : 48km southeast of Udaipur

This sanctuary built in 1957 lies just beside the artificial Jaisamand Lake and has an area of 62sq km. The lake welcomes a wide variety of resident and migratory birds and is also home to the cunning crocodiles. The surrounding forest is infested with leopard, cheetal (spotted deer), chinkara (Indian Gazelle) and wild boar. A tourist bungalow, a forest rest house and a hotel provide accommodation to the enthusiastic wildlife watchers. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between November and June.

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary
Distance: 65km south east of Udaipur

Covering an area of 423 sq km, the Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary mainly contains deciduous forests. Wildlife here includes deer, wild boar, caracal and sambar (a large Asiatic deer). Best time to make travel vacations in the park is between March and July.

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